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Getting Involved

Who can join the Men's Kitchen?

  • Are you an older man?
  • Do you have spare time at lunchtime on weekdays?
  • Are you looking to increase your confidence in the kitchen?
  • Would you like to learn more about how to prepare delicious meals?
  • Have you had to take over the role of preparing meals?
  • Maybe you are recently widowed, or your wife is no longer able to prepare meals for you?
  • Maybe you just would like to help share the meal preparation duties, but have no clue about cooking?

Maybe you would just like to join a group of men who enjoy each other's company while preparing a meal.

Are you ready to strap on a Men's Kitchen apron?


Join us

Being a member - Joining the Men's Kitchen brings to you the kitchen skills development you seek and the mateship you want.

Fees - The cost to belong has three components:

  • All new members pay a $20 one-time joining fee which should be tendered with your membership application form. For this amount, when accepted as a member by the committee, you will receive a recipe book containing around 100 recipes plus a Men’s Kitchen apron. No annual membership fee is payable in your first partial financial year.
  • In the following July an annual membership fee of $40 will be payable to continue as a member.
  • Each time you attend a Cooking Session you will be asked to pay a per diem or cooking session fee which ranges from $20 to $40 (depending on the Kitchen that you attend) per cooking session and for this amount you will enjoy the meal you prepare.

Applying for Membership - To apply for membership please download the application form, print and complete it. Bring the completed form to the Men's Kitchen when you come. If you don't have the printing facilities, don't sweat it, book into a cooking session and we'll look after the paperwork later.

Download the Membership application form.

Not on the Sydney Northern Beaches? Would you like to start up a Men's Kitchen in your area? Follow this link to check out some further information about Starting a Men's Kitchen.

Old Dogs. New Tricks. Great Mates.


When we run each Cooking Session, at which the men attending prepare a meal, we rely on two supporting roles to make it all happen:


Cooking Instructor

An energetic and experienced chef, home economics teacher or a competent home cook who knows how to mentor others and is prepared to teach older men how to follow recipes to prepare meals. We generally like to have two instructors at each cooking session to ensure that the eight to ten blokes in attendance receive enough individual attention.


Cooking Session Coordinator

Someone prepared to manage the Cooking Sessions by opening the venue, collecting and paying monies, encouraging the men and close the venue when done.

If you would like to volunteer for one of these roles please contact us, then visit us to see what we do maybe?

Other Roles

When we set up each new district, a leadership team will be formed to run local operations.  You may be able to assist the local team by taking on a role on that committee.  The roles required in each committee are what you might expect of any club or association and include:

  • Leadership
  • Treasurer
  • Administration
  • Member liaison
  • Funding and grants

If you would like to be involved and feel you have value to add to the Men's Kitchen, please contact us, either locally using contact details under Where We Cook or use the contact details on this page.

Our Members

Introducing WAZZA. He's the epitome of each of us, as we are all Wazza's.

When asked what did you do before you retired? Your answer is invariably:  I Wazza Plumber, or I Wazza Chemist.

Thank you, John Coye, for his creation.

Member's Comments

From Roger W.

“During my working life my cooking experiences were limited to using the BBQ. Upon retiring I made the fateful promise to learn to cook. Nothing happened until my wife saw an article in a local news magazine. This led me to join Forest Men’s Kitchen and the journey began.

Since then I have become somewhat competent in the kitchen (when allowed!) and improving with each session, and competent at purchasing most ingredients.

The sessions are full of laughter and camaraderie, but most importantly we are getting excellent tuition in the art of making a palatable and enjoyable meal. Everybody is most attentive and ready to absorb as much as they can. Our instructors are very patient and full of helpful ideas.

The kitchen is an organisation to be recommended to all men who were in my situation.

Member's Comments

From John F.

“I joined the Men’s Kitchen about 12 months ago after attending a Seniors event at Manly and speaking to two ladies from the Northern Beaches Council who directed me to the right people. I don’t cook at home very much because my wife is an excellent cook and I get in the way!!!

However, I have persevered and now cook on occasion to my partners approval. I enjoy the company of fellow seniors and the ever patient Doris and the other instructors. A very professional outfit.

Member's Comments

From Barry B.

“Last year I attended the Northern Beaches Council’s community information day at Dee Why RSL where I came upon The Men’s Kitchen display.

It sounded interesting so I joined the Warriewood group on a Wednesday once a month.  I enjoy the setting up, preparation and the step by step cooking of the meals with the helpful and friendly instructors, following which we sit down and enjoy together.  I now have a much better understanding of cooking techniques and thoroughly recommend Men’s Kitchen to others who wish to expand their cooking skills and meet new friends.

You are always welcomed with a cheerful smile and feel at ease.

Member's Comments

From Jim K.

“I am 83 yrs old and while I have cooked a ‘chop & 3 veg’ over the years, I am not confident in the kitchen. I met the people from the Men’s Kitchen during one of their days at the shopping centre at Forestville during 2019 and joined up on the spot.

I have been now to a number of sessions and have used my new-found skills to add to my repertoire and am now a lot more confident. My wife is quite amazed at both how much better I am as a cook as well I have taken more interest in doing my fair share in the kitchen. I have recommended the course to a number of my friends in my age bracket.

Member's Comments

From Gordon C.

“As my wife no longer cooks it has fallen to me to prepare our meals, I was prompted to join the Men’s Kitchen in May 2018 and after completing the initial five-week training course, joined the Thursday group at Forestville.

My experience with the Men’s Kitchen has allowed me to expand my cooking skills and attempt a range of healthy foods in our diet. I can now follow a recipe with confidence to cook food I wouldn’t have attempted before attending Men’s Kitchen.

The organising committee do a wonderful job making the sessions easy to attend and promoting fellowship among the members. I will be attending a new group starting at Curl Curl this year and look forward to my cooking journey at the new venue. I value the community support given to the group that helps older blokes in the kitchen.

Some Other Comments Overheard from time to time

'It’s not just about the cooking.’

‘I practice the recipes we do once a week over three weeks to perfect them. Then when I get familiar with them, I feel comfortable that I can do them with less reference needed from the book.’ 

‘I really like all the tips the instructors give us, not just in terms of the sideline information that they have from years of cooking, but also the way they teach us things like the safe way to carry and use knives.’

‘My wife always considered the kitchen her domain. She wouldn’t let me or the kids in there. Now we share the responsibility for it. As we are getting older, she wants to know that if anything happens to her, that I can cook for her. At our age, you have to plan things like this. Some people don’t want to talk about that’.

‘I have a disability, but I don’t want to sit home and do nothing and feel like an invalid. It’s important I don’t get into that mindset. In the kitchen I feel like everyone else.’

‘The instructors make me feel safe. They are all lovely women and they build my confidence.’

‘I have now taken over the cooking at home thanks to the Men's Kitchen.’

‘I tried to get a friend to come along. He said he only eats fish and vegetables. I thought that was really sad. There’s a whole world of flavours at Men's Kitchen. And it’s about so much more than the cooking.’