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Becoming the Men's Kitchen Association

The Forest Men's Kitchen has been a huge success over the last four years or so with our membership doubling each year.  We have also had several enquiries from people wanting us to offer our services in other parts of Australia. To cater for this sort of growth, we need to have two fundamental things in place: firstly our corporate structure needs to be suitable for such operation, and secondly we need to make sure our current operational structure is equipped to grow with the demands outside of Sydney's Northern Beaches.

In recent months we have been progressing a change to our organisation to move from being an incorporated association to a company limited by guarantee.  That planning has progressed to the point where we are formally seeking member approval to make that change.

Being an incorporated association limits us to operate only in NSW. However, with the proposed structure we will be able to more easily start up a new cooking session in other parts of NSW, or in fact anywhere in Australia. (We are actively progressing a Men’s Kitchen operation in Coffs Harbour at this time, and we will also restart our expansion plans in Ku Ring Gai once the Covid constraints permit.)  Under the new structure, only a cooking instructor and an administrator need to be recruited and trained, before we can start cooking session planning and member recruiting for that district.  The decision to become a company limited by guarantee has been based on legal advice as being the formal structure most appropriate for our operation.

What does this mean to members' usual routine of attending real cooking sessions in Warriewood, Curl Curl or Forestville? Short answer, nothing.  We will continue running our usual cooking sessions as we have done in the past, and these will be varied only by member attendance and the availability of instructors. So, no change really.

Covid-19 locks us up, we cook from home!

Over the last couple of weeks we have started a series of online Cooking Sessions where a few of the members prepare the dishes of the day under the guidance of a Cooking Instructor.  We connect together in real time using Zoom and each of the men cooks the dish of the day in their own home. This has proven to be a fantastic way to continue our cooking education process while enjoying the company of some people who are not in the same location.

Last Thursday Chris C. had the men prepare Pomegranate Roast Chicken and some roasted vegetables. Greg K. sent us some photos of his dish below. 

The chicken needed to be butterflied and left in marinade over night so Chris prepared a YouTube video to show the men the technique required to complete the task.

If you would like to see the video of how to butterfly a chicken click here, and the recipe for the dish may be found here.

Another monthly Cooking Session in Curl Curl

On the 17th March we launched the Men's Kitchen's ninth monthly Cooking Session on the Norther Beaches, the newest Cooking Session being on the third Tuesday of the month in Curl Curl.

Five new members came to join us on the day, and by the end of the Cooking Session they had prepared and eaten a fantastic meal and were very pleased with themselves for having created a meal from some very basic ingredients.  We welcomed (L-R first photo) Phil, Peter, Bill, Geoff and another Phil and together they prepared meatballs in a cheesy sauce, a salad with a nice home made dressing followed up with our much sought after Warm Date and Ginger Pudding and ice-cream. 

Welcome boys! What are you going to cook next time?