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Welcome to the Men's Kitchen


The Men's Kitchen provides a fun, safe, supportive and instructive environment where older men learn cooking skills.

If you are an older man and are looking to increase your confidence in the kitchen or have had to take over the role of preparing meals, and most importantly, would like to join a group of men who enjoy each other's company while preparing a meal, the Men's Kitchen is for you.

At each cooking session, usually conducted over a weekday lunchtime, we prepare a main course and a dessert.  In pairs, each group prepares a dish, then we all sit together and enjoy the meal we have just prepared. Check out some of our recipes on this website.

By developing kitchen skills (New Tricks) older men (Old Dogs) are better able to support themselves and their family. Members also learn important food safety lessons, so the quality of food you prepare will be safe to eat, nutritious and delicious.

Regular attendance at our monthly cooking sessions will forge new friendships (Great Mates) and will provide a forum to discuss common issues associated with life as a single male, living alone or with a disabled wife and, well, just being an Old Dog. By attending our monthly cooking sessions and attending our public cooking events members become more socially and community engaged.

Old Dogs. New Tricks. Great Mates.

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What we do

The Men's Kitchen has been established to provide men's cooking classes for those who have never cooked meals during their working life, allowing them to come together with other Old Dogs and develop some new skills in the kitchen.

The Men's Kitchens are well appointed Kitchens enabling members to undertake a wide range of food preparation tasks. Members can share time with each other, swap yarns and work together on the preparation of a meal. We also can pitch in when we take on a community event where the Men's Kitchen has offered to prepare the food of the day.

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What we do

Once we men retire, a significant life-purpose disappears. The good news with that change is that it affords us older men a lot of spare time to focus on new things. It also give us the opportunity to look ahead and plan for what is going to unfold in our retirement years. Many of us dislike change immensely, but like it or not, during our retirement things will be changing a lot. The Men's Kitchen gives you the opportunity to embrace the changes that will occur; firstly by learning more about the preparation of food, and secondly by providing a great forum to discuss changes in your life with other Old Dogs who are going through similar life events.

Men's Kitchen members have a more active and rewarding life by being better informed on how to make healthy food choices, prepare nutritious and healthy food themselves and through having shared their challenges with their peers. Having developed confidence in the kitchen you will be more likely to remain in your own home longer as you will be better fed and able to do so safely. And having developed some new Great Mates, you will be less socially isolated.

Watch us in action

Click on this link to watch the men in action at a typical cooking session.

Watch us in action here


Cooking sessions

Each of our cooking sessions usually starts at 11:00 am and finishes at 2:00 pm. Each time we meet we conduct our cooking sessions in a similar manner.

  • Sit and have a chat about the menu of the day discussing any significant points about each new recipe.
  • Form into pairs, with each pair to prepare a complete dish, the pair then chooses which dish they would like to prepare. (Main, Dessert or any side dish of the day like flat bread or salad.)
  • Prepare the meal with the cooking instructor helping us learn by pointing out tips and techniques as we construct our dish.
  • When the meal is ready, we sit together and enjoy the feast we have prepared and enjoy a general chat.
  • Plan the menu for the next time we meet. At this point we seek a volunteer to buy the ingredients for each of the two selected recipes and a volunteer to wash and return the aprons and tea towels. The cost of the ingredients is reimbursed.
  • Then we clear up and wash the dishes... See you next time.

Note that we do not consume alcohol at our cooking sessions, we decided as a group that we wanted to attend to learn how to cook, not to get drunk.

Our Sponsors

The Men's Kitchen is proud to have several significant sponsors and to whom we are extremely grateful.

In the Northern Beaches:

  • Northern Beaches Council
  • Dee Why RSL Club
  • Forestville RSL Club

In Ku-ring-gai:

  • Jemena
  • Ku-ring-gai Council
  • KNC Care
  • The Federal member for Bradfield, Paul Fletcher
  • Magpies of Waitara
  • The Marshall Group
  • Lindfield & Districts Community Bank
  • Hyecorp Property Group
  • Sheldon & Hammond

The Men’s Kitchen aims to keep our costs to members within the comfortable reach of a bloke on the aged pension, so without the financial support of our sponsors we simply could not achieve this aim.



Lifeline - Canberra

“The Men’s Kitchen is a heartwarming charity dedicated to combating isolation and its effects on our community. Creating meaningful connections, fostering a sense of community, and ensuring that no one feels alone is a critical service that meets a basic human need. Their efforts to promote social connection, support and emotional well-being make a real difference.”

Carrie-Ann Leeson, CEO Lifeline Canberra

Lifeline - Northern Beaches

“My experience at Lifeline has validated the connection between increased isolation and loss of companionship as a contributing factor that leads to depression within the mature community. In this regard, the Men’s Kitchen not only provides valuable training of cooking skills for older men thereby helping them increase their health and wellbeing, permitting them to remain in their home for a longer period, but it also provides a forum that helps alleviate that social isolation by reintroducing members into the community and reinvigorating their community participation. Also, being open to men from all walks of life, this inclusive community helps break down social and cultural barriers."

David Thomas, CEO Lifeline Northern Beaches


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The Men's Kitchen Association is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee which originated on Sydney's Northern Beaches. Our aim is to provide an environment for older men to gather and prepare a meal together, guided by an experienced Cooking Instructor. Our wish is that the blokes like you who join us will not only learn some basic cooking skills and how to follow a recipe, but also make some great mates in the process.

Old Dogs. New Tricks. Great Mates.